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    GSM / DCS / PCS / MS Test Set   
HP 8922M + HP83220E (option 010)

RFgenerator, RFAnalyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Oscilloscope,
 Audio Analyzer, AudioSource, ReferenceOscillator for GSM 900,DCS1800,PCS1900.
RFGenerator 10-1000MHz res1Hz Output- 127- -16dBm, GSM modulation,
Pulse modulation, RFanalyzer 10-1000MHz res1Hz, GMSK Analog FM/pulse,
Spectrum Analyzer 10-1000MHz Dynamic 80dB Marker Span10KHz,
DigitalOscilloscope 2Hz-50KHz Sweep 10u-100ms,
AudioAnalyzer 20Hz-400KHz Max30V DC 100mV-42V
THD+Noise1KHz +- 5Hz  Sinad1KHz +- 5Hz 
AudioSource DC-25KHz 0.1mV-4Vrms  I-BASIC Memory-Card.
HP83220E Test for Mobile and BaseStation DCS1800,PCS1900

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Quick Start Guide for using the HP8922H/M/P/S GSM Test Set

1) Before you plug in the HP8922 or the HP83220E, check the rear AC input voltage setting. Units from the USA are usually set to 120VAC and can be changed here to 240 VAC, etc.

2) Set the HP8922 on top of the HP83220E and connect the cables on the rear of the unit(s). You need to install  (3)BNC jumper cables and (1) 15 connector data cable from the HP8922 to the HP83220E as follows: 
HP8922   to    HP83220E
AM        -          AM
Scope      -        Scope
10 Mhz Ref out  -      10 Meg Ref in
PNC (15 contact din)  -    PNC (15 contact din)
3) On the front of the units, connect the 2  BNC cables from the AUX  RF out to the AUX RF in of the units.  Connect the 6" SMA cable from the RF Link Port  of the HP8922 to the  SMA connector on the HP83220E. This system that includes the HP8922M with an HP83220E and uses an sma to sma link port cable cable is called an HP8922P system.

4) After making sure the rear AC voltage input(s) are set to the correct AC input, plug in the 83220E and the 8922 and turn on the system by pressing the front Power button on the HP8922.

5) The display should come on in the "CELL STATUS"  screen. If it does not, you MUST check to see if the 8922P system is in the wrong compatability mode. This occurs because they are left in this mode when they are calibrated. Scroll to the Configure screen by using the curser control knob to scroll to the lower right to "more" select it ( select by pressing in and letting go on the curser control knob) now scroll to "configure" . Select "configure"  and scroll to "compatible" and select 8922P ( 8922P must be underlined). Now press "CALL CNTL" on the top row of buttons. You will get the "CALL STATUS"  screen.

6) The GSM Phone is connected to the HP8922P system using the RF IN/OUT  (type N) connector at the lower left side of the 83220 unit. The coupled RF I/O connector on the right lower side should be terminated with a 50 ohm load. Do not connect the phone to any other connectors as damage could result. The RF IN / OUT connector is used for all RF tests with the GSM phone on all bands. You will need a cable with RF coupler to connect the antenna of the GSM phone to the IN/OUT connector. These are supplied by the cell phone or test equipment (manufacturers).  One such coupler is the Acterna model 330. It is a desk top pad with cable that goes to the 8922P system IN/OUT. Nokia has test cables to go from the phone antenna connector directly to the 8922P (83220E In/Out). The GSM phone is turned on with a TEST sim card installed or the GSM phone must be in an RF Isolation enclosure to insure it will not try to work with any local cell sites. The Test Sim Card makes the phone work on channels and systems that are not in use worldwide. If you use an isolation enclosure, you can test the phone with any sim card.

7) With the GSM phone on,  scroll to the Operating Mode on the "Cell Status" screen and select the mode (GSM900, E-GSM, DCS1800 or PCS1900) of your phone. Leave the bottom portion of the mode in " Active Cell". This will automatically test the phone. Wait for the phone to indicate it has signal level or service. You may need to increase the Amplititude depending on the antenna coupler you are using for that particular phone. Start the test by pressing the "ORG CALL" button. This will  make the 8922P system call your phone and may be the easiest way to start.  When the phone rings, press the answer button on the phone. You can also press "RCV CALL"- this will allow you to make a call with your GSM phone to start the test.    Once the call is made,  in the upper left of the 8922P screen, "CONNECTED" will appear. You can now check or view your phone performance by scrolling to and selecting your choice of PHASE FERQUENCY, POWER RAMP, BIT ERROR, PEAK POWER, SPECTRUM ANALYZER, SCOPE AND AUDIO.
CELL STATUS Screen here, you can set the "TX Level" on the left side of the screen. The 8922P allows you to set and view 15 power levels for the GSM phone. We found power level 0 to make the phone output +30 dbm or 1 watt; power level 10 was +10 dbm or 10 mW and power level 15 to be 0 dbm or 1 mW. Return the power level to 10 after checking power level control. Once again, the power level you see will depend on the loss of your antenna coupler. Our test used a coupler with a direct connection to the antenna of the phone.
Phase and Frequency Screen

PHASE FREQUENCY-, you can view the phase frequency and frequency errors. You can return from any test to the Cell Status screen by pressing the  "CELL CNTL" button.

Power Ramp Screen with Leading Edge and Top 2 db  viewed

POWER RAMP - view the leading , trailing edge or top 2 db of the power ramp. Change the time slot on the lower left of the screen to view each power ramp in each time slot. (return by pressing "CELL CNTL")
BIT ERROR - view bit error as a percentage.
PEAK POWER - view peak power.
Spectrum Analyzer Test Screen

SPECTRUM ANALYZER - Here you can view the Spectrum Analyzer of the 8922 set to the output frequency of the phone. Here , you can change the Mobile channel while viewing the spectrum.
Oscilloscope viewing audio on "SCOPE"  Screen

SCOPE - View the mobile phone audio on this oscilloscope display.
AUDIO - This sets up an audio delay so you can hear your audio from the mic to the earpiece with a 0.5 second  (adjustable to 5 seconds) delay. You see the audio level on the display.
    Many of the variables on the screen can be adjusted in the different test views. Save your screen setup by pressing "SHIFT" then "SAVE" and use 8 digits to lable your saved screen. The next time you turn on the 8922, press "RECALL" and select your saved screen. If you save a screen with "POWERON" , that screen will come on every time you power on the 8922.   End your call by pressing End on your phone and then  "END CALL" on the 8922. Most  of thee screens will allow you to select "HELP" so you can get help from the help screen(s).


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(completo di cavi rf e PCN Interface)
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